About Us

Imran Rajput Catering Service owned and operated by longtime professional planner Mr. Imran Nasir is dedicated to helping couples and corporates through the sometimes-stressful events planning process

It is Imran Nasir belief that every couple should have access to professional planning information and assistance to help them develop their own unique personalized day that is a true reflection of them as a couple!

Its all about artisan events; from cement finishes to cladded wood all over romancing with artisan floral; all truly defines that nature is at its play when it comes to Imran Rajput Catering Service.

Words are not just enough;

We invite you all to please do visit Imran Rajput Catering Service sometime and feel for yourself the Luxury spread all around at our Venues.

We Host Your Memories

Recognized and respected for our quality of work and exceptional customer care, we pride ourselves in offering a personal service to develop innovative creations for our clients. With our extensive portfolio, we offer a wide range of services to cater for any event including a bespoke design and event management service where we can create a unique event… just for you!

Your vision, our creation

We also specialize in producing weddings that invoke emotions, that empower the heart and that set the trends, not follow them.

We produce weddings of all sizes and budgets, from small intimate gatherings in homes, to something lavish and beyond.

Whether you want us to plan your entire day, provide some lighting and or creatively style the day, we can help on any level you want.

With years of experience operating and organizing some of the most prestigious events, we understand that each function we undertake is unique. Each client; each budget; each location; and each brief is intrinsically different – therefore we tailor our response and our creative skills appropriately.

Ultimately everything is possible… where we can create whatever is required to take your guest’s breath away.